Betsy Ross Flag Joe Inauguration

Betsy Ross Flag Flies During Biden Inauguration, but There’s No Outrage

While taking the oath of office on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, President Joe Biden proclaimed that it was time to

Teddy Roosevelt Loved Football

Why Teddy Roosevelt Is the ‘OG’ Alpha and How He Shaped America

Few historical figures have been lionized like Teddy Roosevelt. The 26th President of the United States lived in the new

Red Dawn - Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Has A Cost: Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

Freedom (n)(free•dom)(ˈfrē-dəm): 1) the quality or state of being free such as: a) the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint

2020 is pretty bad, but it's not the worst!

Worst Years Ever: As 2020 Ends, Ode To The 3 Ugliest Years In History

Acknowledging the risk of repeating this year’s most common cliché, 2020 hasn’t been the greatest for most people. From COVID-19

Strong, confident fighter.

Stand For Something You Believe In, Or You’ll Fall For Anything

Ask yourself this question…do you stand for something in life? As a society, when things are outside our realm of

Spend Your First Night In Jail

How to Survive Your First Night in the Greybar Hotel

Disclaimer: This article is not designed to make you the baddest inmate in the jail; it is to provide guidance

Learning animal dominance with a lion.

Animal Dominance: A Quick Guide To Establish Dominance When Confronted With Different Members of the Animal Kingdom

People can’t talk to animals, it’s not a thing. Dr. Doolittle was full of shit. We don’t have the God-given

How To Win At Monopoly

Chairman Of The Board Game: How To Annihilate Your Fam In Monopoly

If Monopoly wasn’t a staple of your childhood, you probably grew up in communist Russia, where owning a game fit

Mindless Intel And Trivia

Insider Info #2: Sharpening The Mind With Mindless Intel

Crazy-Good Place To Live According to Professor Ryan Murphy’s research at Southern Methodist University, the top five states for the

Yo Uncle Mick, World Class Advice

Yo! Uncle Mick! World-class Life Advice from Micky “The Fish” O’Tool, Vol 1

Uncle Mick only has one rule…1st question’s free, but the next one’s gonna cost ya. Wax on, Wax off QUESTION: So,