Eds Manifesto - The Tale Of Two Brothers

Ed’s Manifesto: The Story Of Romulus And Remus

I am in a poor and forgotten neighborhood in eastern Tijuana. I negotiate my way through a small walkway littered

Ways to invest and make money during the next lockdown!

Scamdemic Spending: Invest Today For The Plandemic Of Tomorrow

March 15, 2020, changed the lives of a lot of Americans, and sadly, it was for the worse. In case

Man fighting off an alien abduction!

How To Fight Back And Survive Your First Alien Abduction

Remember when you were a kid and the best possible thing would be to come face to face with an

Don't be discouraged if you fail!

8 Quick Tips For Turning Your Failure Into Success

Failing isn’t the end although many believe that it is. Life is hard, but it is only harder if you

There are valuable lessons to be learned about life in the toilet.

Skillset Life Lessons Part 1: Don’t Ever Be THIS Guy

My granddaddy used to say, “Son, you can tell a lot about a man by how he goes about pissin.’”

Author Cork Graham gives a funny smirk to the camera.

No Shit, There I Was Part 1: The Luck Of The Draw

Article Written By Cork Graham, Bestselling Author & Former-Team Leader on Discovery Channel’s TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND Wrists and ankles

Keep your mouth shut and listen to this advice on a good alibi.

It Wasn’t Me: 10 Ways To Absolutely Ruin A Good Alibi

We have all at one time or another wondered if we could get away with something immoral, illegal or otherwise

You can find some pretty crazy items online to purchase!

When Cyber Monday Starts Getting Creepy: Amazon For The Win

When supply chains are holding Christmas presents hostage, know there’s one place you can go to find super unique (and

Sailors during World War ll onboard ship!

Mindless Intel: 7 Fun Trivia Facts To Start Your Day Off Right

Trivia 1: Damn The Torpedoes! During World War II, sailors filtered torpedo fuel through bread to make a drink called

CIA's Operation Mockingbird

Dark Pages Of History: I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help

“If ever this vast country is brought under a single government, it will be one of the most extensive corruption.” These