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Life Lessons From The Godfather: Always Show Respect

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7 Sports Betting Tips For Success At Beating The Books

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A US Marine’s Journey Off The Battlefield And Onto The Mats

Perseverance (noun): continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition. Master Sgt. Davey Lind is no stranger to

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Booby Traps: 7 Nonlethal Defenses For Home Invaders

Warning: Booby traps are illegal in some states and jurisdictions and can result in real legal ramifications. This article is

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The 21st Century Samurai: How To Be A Warrior In Modern Society

To many the word warrior is a cliché. Something spoken of as a social antiquity. The reasons for the vanishing

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No Participation Trophies Needed: Youth Sports And The Road To Gold

Which sports should you start your kids in and when? Whether they end up playing high school sports to make

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How To ‘Scumbag’ The Scumbag Used Car Salesman

Ask most people, and they will say that one of their least favorite ways to burn through a Saturday is

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Defeating The Narcissist: Crushing The Know-It-All Big Mouth

Narcissists are everywhere today. Oh, you know them well—they are the loud know-it-alls. They claim that they are the experts

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Men’s Hobbies Through The Decades: Model Planes To Vlogging

It is a tale as old as time: Guys are going to have hobbies, and their wives and girlfriends are

Roping and branding and modern cattle rustling.

Law Enforcement Have A Beef With Modern Cattle Rustlers

It was a bit of bovine déjà vu for a worker at the Graham County Livestock Auction in Arizona in