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Using your observational skills, you, too, can focus on the smaller details of life and be a real-life Sherlock Holmes.

Deduce Like Sherlock: Put Your Observational Skills To Work

The perplexing problems and situations encountered throughout an average day are much clearer to solve than a person may think.

Finding the perfect airbnb isn't always easy.

Secrets To Booking A Cheap Airbnb: Price Isn’t Everything

One of the keys to traveling on a budget is realizing that you can have an incredible experience without breaking

Abandoned them parks are great destinations for urban explorers.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Urban Exploring: How To Not Get Arrested

Covertly entering areas no longer open to the public, exploring structures and interiors of long abandoned properties, and the excitement

Understanding how to compose a scene is the key to taking a good photo.

How To Take A Good Photo: Enough With The Mirror Selfies

I grew up in a time when any photos taken were on film and sent off to be developed. Going

This communist created video game went on to change the world as we know it.

Tetris: How To Make A Capitalist Hit From A Communist Creation

Tetris is one of the best-selling video games in history. Despite a simple concept, the experience was like video game crack for any kid

Spartan races can be extremely tough and challengenging for the average person.

AROO! Competing In Your First Spartan Race

“The day may come when the courage of Sparta fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of

Toys like Transformers and various Japanese cartoon series figures are steadily increasing in value.

Those Vintage Action Figures Could Be Worth A Fortune

For decades, toys like transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and even Barbie have entertained young ones for hours as they recreated

Pulgasari, which looks like a cross between Godzilla and a giant bull, fights with peasants to overthrow the country and return power to the peasants.

Kidnapping And Communism: North Korea’s Pulgasari Is A Real Monster

A massive monster terrorizes villagers and citizens as they run for their lives. A complete spree of destruction tips apart

Selling on eBay is a fantastic way to make extra money.

Overnight Entrepreneur: Eight Ways To Make Money From Your Couch

Ok, let me start by making myself very clear. I am not a millionaire, not even close. However, I have

Jack Carr author of the the Terminal List Series and creator of the James Reece character.

Welcome To The James Reece Universe: Jack Carr And The Terminal List

So on July 1, on Amazon Prime, The Terminal List hit Tv screens worldwide. Millions of people instantly fell in