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The family road trip isn't easy to pull of perfectly.

How to Plan a Family Road Trip: Without Wanting to Drive Off a Cliff

As a kid, family road trips were what I looked forward to the most every summer. Please keep in mind

The Kentucky Derby is an American tradition.

How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby: Win Or Lose, Gambling Is Fun!

Not only is betting on the race fun, but it’s easier than ever. You don’t have to head down to

Beware of MLMs and illegal pyramid schemes.

Avoiding The Trap Of MLMs & Pyramid Schemes: Staying Clear Of Scams

Have you fallen into the trap of a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme (MLMs) – Pyramid Scheme? Are you not sure how

Cinco de mayo is celebrated throughout America as well as Mexico.

Why We Celebrate Cinco De Mayo: It’s Time To Flex Your Spanish

Will it be an ice-cold Corona or Tecate – or maybe just one of both? Perhaps a frozen margarita might be

You probably don't want to street fight a pro wrestler.

The Top Five Pro Wrestlers You Wouldn’t Want To Street Fight

We all know that wrestling is fake right? Right. However, that doesn’t mean that you want to get into a

How To Use A Straight Razor: Without Slicing An Artery

For most men the first thought that comes to mind when you say straight razor is a hardened street thug

Early Olympic athletes used champagne and other connections to gain a competitive edge.

The Early Olympics Doping Scandal: Champagne Is The Drug Of Choice

The Olympics, whether the ancient games or the modern games, have always brought out the competitive spirit in athletes. The

The Simpsons even have their name on Hollywood Boulevard.

The Simpsons Did It: 8 Things The Simpsons Predicted Correctly

Everyone has heard the phrase, Simpsons Did It! Whether you were a 2016 presidential candidate, or a twelve year old

Darth Vader is an imposing figure on the dark side.

Reality Shift: Exploring The Mandela Effect Throughout Pop Culture

Although you may not know it, the Mandela Effect may have crept into your psyche and influenced how you think

Everybody loves St Patrick's day!

St Patrick’s Day: A Uniquely American Tradition

March 17th, a day of worship, comradery and crap tons of green everything, from the beer to the seas. St.