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Now with seven years under his belt and plenty of skateboards designed, Walker’s artistic endeavor is thriving.

Be Your Own Boss: Skateboard Craftsmen, Bear Walker

Bear Walker looked forward to completing his senior project in 2011 at Clemson University and moving on to graduation. He

The Vikings took their funerals seriously and were somewhat afraid of death.

Weird History: Viking Funerals Were Epic

Vikings have a particular reputation attached to them. Usually, that reputation is filled with violent acts, pillaging, and an overall

Dusko Popov, was the real-life inspiration for Ian Fleming's, Fictional character James Bond.

Weird History: Meet Dusko Popov, The Real Life James Bond

Nobody is cooler than 007… right? Until recently, I assumed that level of badassery was reserved for the big screen.

Want to know how to play the game of craps but aren't sure where to begin?

How To Play Craps: Don’t Forget To Blow On The Dice

Head to Las Vegas, and the place where gamblers seem to be having the most fun is at the craps

The Rumble in the J Jungle was a part of massive government coup, involving Don King, and becoming a piece of weird history.

Weird History: The Rumble In The Jungle

This is the truly wild and bizarre story of the Rumble in the Jungle. It was one of heavyweight boxing’s

Do you want to learn how to play blackjack like the pros so you can win big on that next trip to Vegas?

How To Play Blackjack: Don’t Lose Your Bankroll

Looking to beat the house on that next trip to Las Vegas? As every gambler knows, that may not always

Do you know and understand how to bet confidently in a sportsbook?

How To Bet In A Sportsbook: Try Not To Blow Juniors College Fund

 If you’re like many Americans, you might be looking to drop a few dollars on Your favorite sporting event. Whether

What's a great Super Bowl experience without a little food, beer and some good old fashioned tailgating?

How To Throw The Perfect Super Bowl Party

Now, the big question is how to throw the perfect Super Bowl party. The day is finally here, the one

If you want to know what it takes to be like John Wick, the short answer is lots and lots of training.

Skillset Fight Club: How To Train Like John Wick

Ok, without any possible chance of debate, the King Badass of all recent films Badasses is John Wick. The Gun

Starting you own podcast doest have to be difficult as long as follow the simple steps outlined in this how-to article.

How To Start A Podcast: Don’t Forget To Hit Record

If you are reading this, you may be thinking about jumping into the podcast arena. There are countless reasons that