It's hard to argue that college football mascots are the biggest cheerleader of the whole university.

Who Are The Ten Best College Mascots Of All Time?

Many of us long for that time of year when the nights get a little cooler and the leaves change

Insane elections seem to the new normal these days and that's not a great thing for democracy.

Have Elections Always Been Crazy? Insane Elections Are The Normal

We just made it through another election cycle. Well, unless you live in Arizona, where insane elections seem to happen

Surviving Thanksgiving is going to require all of your patience this year.
  • Food
  • November 24, 2022

How To Survive Thanksgiving: Without Killing Your Family

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks as you congregate with people you rarely see. Everyone’s expected to participate in

Sure building a potato gun isn't for everyone, but its definitely a great father son project for the average Skillset Reader.

How To Build A Potato Gun: Become A Tuber Terrorist

Firing a half-pound vegetable through your neighbor’s wooden fence doesn’t have to be reserved for your younger years. Remember those

knowing how to deep fry a turkey can save you from a trip to the ER this Thanksgiving.
  • Food
  • November 21, 2022

How To Deep Fry A Turkey: Without Ruining Thanksgiving

There are two ways to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey. The first will make you a social media sensation but

Tucker Allen must be in peak physical condition to win at the top level of professional steer wrestling.

Steer Wrestling And Training: It’s More Than Just Falling Off A Horse

With the increasing popularity of rodeos, more people are not only going to rodeos but also wanting to try their

With so many different types of watches is exististence, how does one go about picking out the right one for you?

Telling Time In Style: Why Everyone Needs A Great Watch

As we learn more about human history, we learn more about how vital the telling of time has been. The

Getting elected to public office will take a lot of your time and effort.

How To Get Elected: The Beginners Guide To Running For Public Office

As a society that operates as a democratic republic, our government consists of elected offices at all levels of said

Was the greatest kickboxing movie ever, Bloodsport, based on complete lies?

Bloodsport: The Worlds Greatest Kickboxing Movie Is A Lie

It wouldn’t be hard to argue that the 1988 movie “Bloodsport” is one of the best martial arts movies ever

American Made clothing is more than just a symbol of our pride, it may just be what helps this country get back on track.

How To Buy American-Made Clothing: Made In The USA Is The Only Way

American-made clothing has made a big resurgence in the past ten years, as well as it should. The more we