The family road trip isn't easy to pull of perfectly.

How to Plan a Family Road Trip: Without Wanting to Drive Off a Cliff

As a kid, family road trips were what I looked forward to the most every summer. Please keep in mind

Taxus baccata European yew is conifer shrub with poisonous and bitter red ripened berry fruits.

Know Your Poisonous Berries: How to Identify Nature’s Cyanide Capsules

There is a romantic idea floating around about living off the land eating nuts and berries. The same folks who

Swimming is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why Swimming Is One of the Best Workouts Anyone Can Do

Summer is coming, and along with that, the summer heat. Pools are opening back up, and if you are not

The Kentucky Derby is an American tradition.

How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby: Win Or Lose, Gambling Is Fun!

Not only is betting on the race fun, but it’s easier than ever. You don’t have to head down to

A poison ivy sign at the being of the forest warns to take caution.

What Do Poison Ivy, Oak, And Sumac Look Like? Leaf Them Alone

“Mom! I think I have poison ivy on my arm!” I think most American households with small children will hear

Beware of MLMs and illegal pyramid schemes.

Avoiding The Trap Of MLMs & Pyramid Schemes: Staying Clear Of Scams

Have you fallen into the trap of a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme (MLMs) – Pyramid Scheme? Are you not sure how

Cinco de mayo is celebrated throughout America as well as Mexico.

Why We Celebrate Cinco De Mayo: It’s Time To Flex Your Spanish

Will it be an ice-cold Corona or Tecate – or maybe just one of both? Perhaps a frozen margarita might be

Making a proper fish trap is critical for survival.

How to Make a Fish Trap: No Fishing Pole? No Problem!

The dollar has collapsed, Joe Biden has been carted off to a retirement home and Joe Rogan is President of

Everyday the news warn of the leaking of the U.S. dollar.

What To Own When The Dollar Collapses: Do You Know Your NFTs?

From the gas pump to the grocery store, Americans are feeling the pain caused by inflation. Whether caused by federal

Weightlifting can provide you with a lot more than just good looks.

A Trainer’s Guide to Proper Weightlifting Form: Stay Out of the Hurt Locker

Have Proper Gym Attire For Weightlifting Strength training has many benefits aside from just aesthetics. It can help improve and