Willie Hitler Joins Navy

Willie Hitler: The Little-Known Nephew Of The World’s Biggest Dicktator

Not too many people know about the unique and interesting story of Willie Hitler. Willie was born on March 12,

Hitmen Tools Of The Trade

Master Assassins: Real Or Just Exaggerated Myth?

The truth is that although there are master assassins out there in the world that are not dissimilar to the

How To Win At Monopoly

Chairman Of The Board Game: How To Annihilate Your Fam In Monopoly

If Monopoly wasn’t a staple of your childhood, you probably grew up in communist Russia, where owning a game fit

TSA luggage checks at airport

Top-10 Craziest Items Ever Confiscated By The TSA

Ah, the TSA. We all love to bitch and moan about how they handle passenger security. It seems as if

Assassins Closet Hitmen Gear

The Assassin’s Closet: Ultimate Gear For High-Class Hitmen

Similar to the socio-economic groups that exist within the stereotypical lives of families everywhere, there’s a hierarchy and class structure

best movie shootouts, heat

Top 5 Hollywood Action Movie Criminal Shootouts

Are you that person that when movie shootouts start, your date or family takes a deep breath because they know

Mindless Intel And Trivia

Insider Info #2: Sharpening The Mind With Mindless Intel

Crazy-Good Place To Live According to Professor Ryan Murphy’s research at Southern Methodist University, the top five states for the

Yo Uncle Mick, World Class Advice

Yo! Uncle Mick! World-class Life Advice from Micky “The Fish” O’Tool, Vol 1

Uncle Mick only has one rule…1st question’s free, but the next one’s gonna cost ya. Wax on, Wax off QUESTION: So,

Burger Trivia

Insider Info #1: Sharpening The Mind With Mindless Intel

Here at Skillset, we pride ourselves in sharing as much mindless trivia as possible in the coveted “Insider Info” section

Google That Sh*T Trivia

Google That Sh*t #1: Strange Trivia From The Depths Of The Internet

Here at Skillset Magazine, we appreciate the kind of trivia that makes you raise the bulls*t flag and say, “No