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Coronavirus Memes: Pandemic Bringing Out the Best of the Internet

As we remain quarantined with nothing but high-sodium snack foods, liquor, and laptops, we salute the medical professionals and their tireless effort to end this pandemic. Soldiers, truck drivers, delivery staff and grocery store workers are also kicking ass. But let’s not forget the meme war soldiers on the boredom frontlines. I’m talking about the Americans out there with entry level Photoshop skills, doing their part to fight the war … one post at a time. Here’s a few of our favorite coronavirus memes. We salute you, anonymous meme generator non-specific gender person.

The Best Coronavirus Memes on the Internet

PTSD Coronavirus Meme

When we’re old and gray, our kids FINALLY have something to bitch about. You think you got it bad? Back in my day!

Jehovah's Witnesses Meme

Even if you feel lonely, DO NOT answer the door for anyone but food and Amazon deliveries! 

Lysol Meme

Nothing is fine, and a time machine to next year sounds fantastic right about now.

The Shining Meme

Family time. So much family time. Be thankful it’s a virus and not an EMP! At least you can get online and binge watch movies like “The Shining.”

Virus Cheap Airline Tickets

It’s official: If you cough, you’re Public Enemy No. 1. Immediately say “it’s allergies” or prepare for battle.

Corona Beer Label Meme

Well played, Corona. Well played.

Quarantine Is My Life Meme

It’s fair to say the social distancing memes hit home. At least now when I stay in on a Saturday night, I’m “doing my part” to fight COVID-19! Speaking of staying home, when you’ve reached the end of the Internet, check out our podcast Skillset Live to put a smile on your face! You can also check out our sister site for our its entire COVID-19 coverage guide! If you’ve found some quality coronavirus memes, let us know in the comment section below. Above all, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay in the FIGHT!


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