In life, you have to adapt or die.
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Adapt or Die: How to Avoid Complacency on the Road to Self Fulfillment

The world does not care about you. It does not care about your weaknesses, dreams, excuses or fears. It will keep existing long after you’re dead and gone. What can continue living and thriving alongside the world, though, is the legacy you leave for others. So common in the modern age is the desire for instantaneous results without comprehending the months and years it will take to get there. The normalcy of technological interaction in your day-to-day life sometimes makes you and others take for granted how good we, as a society, truly have it. Therein lies the macro issue, though — complacency can kill you if you allow it. Without continual forward movement, stagnation will take place if you don’t seek self fulfillment.


You will lack the drive to grow as a business owner, employee, husband, wife, student or just simply as a human being. Once you’re stuck in that quagmire of mediocrity, it is extremely difficult to free yourself from those tacky binds. Everything seems to be more difficult, your tolerance for things is extremely thin, and you’re more than likely generally unhappy. You need to be constantly pushing yourself past that next cliff face. The moment you sit there and squander the little time you have left on this floating rock is the moment you have signed off on the execution of your soul.

Growth is hard. It is hard because it pushes you past preconceived notions about yourself. No one wants to realize they are weak, dumb, unattractive or a failure. This, however, is what will either push the mentally fierce to continue forward or break the mentally weak and cause them to fold. The choice comes down to you and the mental fortitude you possess in order to constantly strive for perfection. That said, the reality is that “perfection” is a false ideology.

Being Comfortable

Perfection is in itself a form of comfort; it allows you to believe that what you have done or completed is “good enough” or that “you have tried your best.” If you’re not walking away from any of your completed goals or tasks thinking of ways that you could have done better, then you will never comprehend what you’re capable of. Many people go through life like drones in an ant colony, one step after another and never taking a step outside their nests of comfort. Well, here’s a little secret: No one who did anything worthy of remembering in books or tales did so by staying inside their comfort zones. The best type of growth you will ever receive occurs through discomfort.

Due to years of prosperity in the modern world, many look at discomfort or struggles negatively. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Without experiencing discomfort, you will never be able to truly manage it. Instead, it will manage you. This is why there are so many people with anxiety, fear and depression in their day-to-day lives. Obviously, much of this could be due to chemical imbalances that could be treated with proper medication, but some of it could simply be managed by having a proper mindset. This can only be cultivated by embracing the stressful times and coming out the other side changed for the better. Beyond all else, remaining positive — not just in the good times, but the bad as well — will ultimately make you untouchable. 

Human Nature

Humans, by nature, are social creatures; therefore, you may look toward others to see their perspectives on you or your goals. Perhaps, due to their overall unhappiness in life, some will vilify you, mock you and pray incessantly for your downfall. Let them. If they are constantly bringing you up in conversation, then you have won. The fact that you are seared into their brains means you’ve left a lasting impression on them, and that they view you as a threat to their success.

Going with the flow is sometimes necessary if you have a family, mortgage and life in general to navigate. However, going against the current of normalcy is necessary from time to time to figure out your “why.” Every single person on this planet has one, and it just comes down to taking the time to figure out what exactly that is. Regardless of what it is, it should be something that can continue to exist and grow well after you are gone. It should be something that positively affects others and can spread like wildfire.

Materialistic Baggage

Too many want the money so that they can buy things. Well — news flash! — you can’t take those things with you when you’re dead. If your “why” is strong enough, money shouldn’t be your first thought, anyway. In due time, your “why” will mold itself into a purpose, and it will allow you to help others. From there, it will again morph into a passion. This is when the term “work” will subconsciously be removed from your vocabulary. Once you truly love what you do, you end up living your best possible life. The last change happens organically. This is how you end up experiencing success through what you do. Don’t get hyped on the money you could have; instead, get hyped on the passion you can inadvertently instill in others through your overall happiness.


Every single person has a choice, regardless of what you believe to be hard facts. The moment you accept that everything that has happened or will happen — every choice and every result — is your fault and responsibility, then you will truly be successful. For some of you, the nine-to-five work schedule, paid vacations and a personal parking spot may be your jam and is what makes you happy. That is awesome for you. Others, though, may need to find that spark, that calling, in order to truly live.

You either adapt yourself to the given situation or you will die unprepared. Regardless of how you were brought up, your family life, your job, your income bracket, your age, the color of your skin or your gender, there are always choices. Some may be harder to find and act on than others, but that’s just the point. As the old adage goes, “Don’t live for the destination, but instead live for the journey.”

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