Washing your bed sheets is something you should do frequently you filthy animal.

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets? Freshen Up, You Filthy Animal!

Washing sheets, now who doesn’t love one of the many great American pastimes besides cleaning their AR-15? I remember in

The Simpsons even have their name on Hollywood Boulevard.

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Everybody loves St Patrick's day!

St Patrick’s Day: A Uniquely American Tradition

March 17th, a day of worship, comradery and crap tons of green everything, from the beer to the seas. St.

two animals in the Oval Office ready for a face the nation.

8 Things Idiocracy Predicted Correctly: How Americans Can Learn From It

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The process of embalming is way more complicated than you might think.

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What exactly drives Americans fascination with serial killers?

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Can one practice UFO summoning with little to no experience?

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Many stories we grew up on are super creepy nursery rhymes!

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Are conspiracy theorists right about chemtrails?

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Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s … wait, what is that? We’ve all

Sometimes bad things happen at the happiest place on earth!

The Most Gruesome Accidents At ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’

When we think about “The Happiest Place on Earth,” the first things that enter our minds are Main Street., U.S.A.,