Pro fighter Sullivan Cauley explains how to do a proper headbutt.

Headbangers: A Quick, Down And Dirty Guide To A Proper Headbutt

Generally speaking, headbutts are effective as a surprise attack from a standing position or as part of a ground and

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American Range Wars

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Fight Club writer Sullivan Cauley explains the Blast Double Leg move!

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As much as everyone would like to Bruce Lee sidekick their opponent through a wall, in reality, fighting is difficult

Saturday morning cartoons during the '80s were sometimes violent but always awesome!

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Learn to throw a parallel elbow in our street defense video series.

WATCH: Proper Way To Throw A Parallel Elbow In A Street Fight

Elbows are illegal in many fighting sports, and almost all amateur fighting in North America, because they easily lacerate. If

Different countries excel in different combat sports!

International Ass Kicking: Combat Sports By Country

There are a few things all cultures have in common: language, some type of bread, religion and fighting. Weapons made