Sailors during World War ll onboard ship!

Mindless Intel: 7 Fun Trivia Facts To Start Your Day Off Right

Trivia 1: Damn The Torpedoes! During World War II, sailors filtered torpedo fuel through bread to make a drink called

Sometimes you just have to google things to know if it's true or not!

Your Browser History Is About To Get Weird: Google That Shit

When you’ve reached the end of the internet like the staff here at Skillset Magazine, you go down strange rabbit

Taking a break and enjoying a cigar.

Close, But No Cigar: 7 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Stogies

We love good trivia and mindless intel here at Skillset Magazine! We also indulge in a fine cigar from time

Skillset Live Episode 203

Episode #203: Ranting With Skillset – The American Workforce

All across America we are seeing empty shelves, shipping container stockpiles, hyperinflation and yet, no one wants to take the

Some items made by inmates in a maximum security prison.

Articles Of Confinement At A Maximum-Security Prison

Written by Mike Knox who is new to the Skillset team. This article is an exploration of the artifacts manufactured

Skillset Live Episode 201

Skillset Live Episode #201: Niels Jorgensen – FDNY

Join us this week as we sit down with retired New York Firefighter, Niels Jorgensen as he relives the horrific

Tricks that a slimy used car salesman would use!

How To ‘Scumbag’ The Scumbag Used Car Salesman

Ask most people, and they will say that one of their least favorite ways to burn through a Saturday is

A narcissist looking at his reflection in the mirror!

Defeating The Narcissist: Crushing The Know-It-All Big Mouth

Narcissists are everywhere today. Oh, you know them well—they are the loud know-it-alls. They claim that they are the experts

Skillset tough guy book review of Who Hates Whom.

Review Of Who Hates Whom: Well-Armed Fanatics, Intractable Conflicts

Although it’s been some time since any of us have sat in a school classroom and probably even longer since