Skillset Live Episode 201

Skillset Live Episode #201: Niels Jorgensen – FDNY

Join us this week as we sit down with retired New York Firefighter, Niels Jorgensen as he relives the horrific

Tricks that a slimy used car salesman would use!

How To ‘Scumbag’ The Scumbag Used Car Salesman

Ask most people, and they will say that one of their least favorite ways to burn through a Saturday is

A narcissist looking at his reflection in the mirror!

Defeating The Narcissist: Crushing The Know-It-All Big Mouth

Narcissists are everywhere today. Oh, you know them well—they are the loud know-it-alls. They claim that they are the experts

Skillset tough guy book review of Who Hates Whom.

Review Of Who Hates Whom: Well-Armed Fanatics, Intractable Conflicts

Although it’s been some time since any of us have sat in a school classroom and probably even longer since

Skillset Live Episode 200 - welcome to Blackwater!

Skillset Live Episode #200: Morgan Lerette – Welcome To Blackwater

This week we get to put on the 5.11 pants and pull back the contractor curtain to get a first

Skillset Live episode 199.

Skillset Live Episode #199: Never More Than One Generation Away…

In this episode of Skillset Live, we sit down and have an honest discussion about the incremental decimation of our freedoms

Consider adopting a shelter dog instead of buying a pet from a store!

7 Reasons Why A Shelter Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

It’s dawn and you are standing on your favorite mountain ready for that morning hike; the air is crisp and

Skillset Live Episode 198 with Tommy Vext!

Skillset Live Episode #198: Rock Star And Patriot Tommy Vext

He’s back and on fire! Join us as we host rock star and American patriot, Tommy Vext to the Skillset

Skillset Live Episode 197 Floridaman

Skillset Live Episode #197: Long Live Floridaman

This week we invite former D1 wrestler and current Florida resident, David “Sunshine” Bolton into the Skillset studio for some

General Patton urinated in the Rhine River in 1945!

Rare History: The Day General Patton ‘Marked His Territory’ At The Rhine

Gen. George S. Patton was one of the big successes of World War II. He was one of the key