Vintage gas pumps and porcelain signs are huge in the mantiques world.

Collecting Mantiques: Being A Hoarder Isn’t Just For Women

Guys like cool stuff. That seems to be the fact for many, and some of those stay on the lookout

This communist created video game went on to change the world as we know it.

Tetris: How To Make A Capitalist Hit From A Communist Creation

Tetris is one of the best-selling video games in history. Despite a simple concept, the experience was like video game crack for any kid

What makes The Hellfire Missile so deadly is its delivery system via an unmanned U.S. Military drone.

The Hellfire Missile: A Badass Name For A Badass Weapon

It wasn’t a great day for Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on the morning of July 31. The 71-year-old former

Pulgasari, which looks like a cross between Godzilla and a giant bull, fights with peasants to overthrow the country and return power to the peasants.

Kidnapping And Communism: North Korea’s Pulgasari Is A Real Monster

A massive monster terrorizes villagers and citizens as they run for their lives. A complete spree of destruction tips apart

Solo martial arts training is good for the mind, body and soul.

Solo Martial Arts Training For Self-Defense And Exercise

Who could forget Daniela LaRusso connecting with that crane kick right to Johnny’s melon in The Karate Kid? Or what

Oh tje telvisioen is full of crazy game shows.

Five Of The Craziest Game Shows And Why We Love Them

It takes some intellect to win on game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. But it takes a completely

Who doesn't love a great bank heist movie?

The Top 5 Greatest Heist Movies Based On Actual Events

Certain types of films just seem to scream “tough guy.” Action flicks, martial arts, Old West, war stories, gangster tales.

Criminals constantly find new ways to escape prison.

Five Escaped Convicts Who Have Outran The Law For Years

Americans became fascinated with the case of Vicky White and Casey White recently. Vicky, a corrections officer at an Alabama

The Kentucky Derby is an American tradition.

How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby: Win Or Lose, Gambling Is Fun!

Not only is betting on the race fun, but it’s easier than ever. You don’t have to head down to

Cinco de mayo is celebrated throughout America as well as Mexico.

Why We Celebrate Cinco De Mayo: It’s Time To Flex Your Spanish

Will it be an ice-cold Corona or Tecate – or maybe just one of both? Perhaps a frozen margarita might be