The rewards of brewing your own beer are extremely satisfying.

How To Brew Your Own Beer: Make Homer Simpson Proud

“Here’s to alcohol: the cause and solution to all of life’s problems.” That Homer Simpson quip may be an exaggeration,

Learn how to cut down a Christmas tree of your very and be the hero of your household this Christmas.

How To Chop Down A Christmas Tree: Don’t Be Like Clark Griswald

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Learn how to install a new toilet like a professional with this helpful home renovation article.

How To Install A Toilet: Act Like You Give A Crap

Disposing of human waste has been a smelly issue man has faced for generations. If you know how to install

Quitting a job doesn't always have to be an unpleasant situation.

How To Quit A Job: Without Getting Escorted Out By Security

Whether you’re looking for a fatter paycheck or needing to leave a work environment that’s turned toxic, most everyone is

Having a heat source in a small place can make the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

How To Stay Warm Without Power: Leave The Trashcan Outside

As many Texans experienced firsthand in 2021, the loss of power during extreme weather can lead to some dire circumstances.

Learn how to shoot pool tomimpress your friends on guys night out.

How To Shoot Pool: Make Paul Newman’s Spirit Proud Damn It!

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Knowing how to store water long-term is crucial for survival.

How To Store Water Long Term: Without Attracting Mosquitos

Whether you’re a hardcore prepper or just prefer being ready for a minor inconvenience, planning ahead when it comes to

Most survival movies are based on actual events taken from real life events.

Top Five Survival Movies: You Call It Entertainment, We Call It Research

Man versus nature – finding drinkable water, scavenging for food, sparking a fire to stay warm, trekking miles to find

Vintage gas pumps and porcelain signs are huge in the mantiques world.

Collecting Mantiques: Being A Hoarder Isn’t Just For Women

Guys like cool stuff. That seems to be the fact for many, and some of those stay on the lookout

This communist created video game went on to change the world as we know it.

Tetris: How To Make A Capitalist Hit From A Communist Creation

Tetris is one of the best-selling video games in history. Despite a simple concept, the experience was like video game crack for any kid