Are serial killsers like H.H. Holmes truly mentally disturbed? Or are they just born evil vicious killers who are born without remorse for humankind.

Weird History: H.H. Holmes, America’s First Serial Killer

As a child, he tortured animals for fun. He financed his medical degree with insurance scams, using corpses and fake

Most Americans have excessive credit card debt too manage and payoff without a solid plan or know how.

How To Pay Off Holiday Credit Card Debt

Christmas was a success. The only thing left is figuring out how to pay off holiday credit card debt. Little

Knowing how to throw a badass New Years' Eve party starts understanding the basics, thanks in part to great articles like this one from Skillset.

How To Throw A New Years’ Eve Party That Doesn’t Suck

You were drunk on Christmas Eve when you announced you would host a kick-ass New Year’s Eve party in just

Getting your car stuck in the snow doesn't have to be the end of your exististence. learn what it takes to survive.

Car Stuck In The Snow? 10 Tips For Survival

A relaxing drive up to the mountains to play in the snow seemed like a perfect way to spend a

Toyota trucks are preferred by terrorist cells around the globe for their superior reliability.

Toyotas Of War: Why The Hilux Is A Terrorist’s First Choice

Afghan falls. A drug cartel overruns a border town. A terrorist cell infiltrates a desert stronghold. There might be a

Making caveman coffee is definitely a skillset everyone should be familiar with.

How To Make Coffee Without Electricity: We Call It Caveman Coffee

Ringo Kid, wanted for murder and on the lamb, saunters into a low-slung Mexican outpost in a way that only

Staying clean in the great outdoors with the help of a camp shower.

How To Build A Camp Shower: Because Good Hygiene Is Important

Ah, Mother Nature. For some of us, being the warm bosomy embrace of Mother Nature is just like taking a

Why You Should Try Fishing With Guns: Heads Up, It’s Pretty Illegal

Fishing is hard. There are knots you need to know and how to bait the hook, and what kind of

Being your own first responder is the best course of action.

What To Do In An Emergency Situation: Be Your Own 911

It is said that you are always 60 seconds from any kind of emergency. Whether it is a car crash

Rip currents can be very deadly to the amateur swimmer.

How To Survive A Rip Current: Hopefully You Know How To Swim First

The idea of swimming in the ocean as a recreational activity is relatively new, only about 100 years old. During