Is your body ready ready for war?

Is Your Body Ready For War? Becoming Physically Fit Practically

When it comes to fitness in modern America, somehow, it’s become a contentious topic. From Sports Illustrated featuring Plus Size

The art of any good debate starts with checking your emotions at the door.

How To Win Any Argument: The Art Of The Debate

By far, the greatest secret to winning a debate is realizing that conflict isn’t a zero-sum game. There’s no absolute

What You Will Learn In A Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Course is a very important civilian skill set to have.

What You Will Learn In A Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Course

If you’ve been around firearms or trauma medicine, you’ve probably heard of TCCC or Tactical Combat Casualty Care. This developed

The concealed carry method of choice will always be a jacket or over shirt.

How To Choose The Correct Concealed Carry Clothing

In the early 2000s, as the War on Terror entered what would become a decades-long struggle, America collectively began to

There are many proficient firearms instructors in the sport.
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  • April 22, 2022

Know Before You Go: Identifying the Different Types of Firearms Instructors

Who Is Teaching You How to Shoot? This is arguably the most controversial and complex of the choices to make

Wearing larger size pants can help in comfort as well as function for CCW.

CCW For The Everyday Man: Carrying Correctly In Today’s World

The ability to conceal and carry is a unique and complex topic. Setting aside all the legal challenges for another

Change in one's life can be a scary thing.

Why Change Hurts So Good: Finding Friends At Forty

Ever since childhood we’ve always heard the phrase, “Make new friends!” from parental figures. As a kid that always seemed