Hitler loved the supernatural, and out of this came the Werewolves!

Hitler’s Werewolves: The Twisted Folklore Of Nazi Germany

Hitler loved the supernatural, and out of this came the Werewolves! During 1945, the Germans became desperate as the end

A boys night out on the town can turn bad quickly if you find yourself fighting off multiple attackers.

How To Fight Multiple Attackers: Look Who Brought Friends

Life isn’t fair, sorry to say. This holds especially true when you fight multiple attackers. Although it would be the

Living too be 100 years old these days can be achieved if you are willing to follow simple routines and follow healthy habits.

How To Live To 100: 7 Tips To Become A Centenarian

Human life spans have gained a lot of ground over the last hundreds and even thousands of years. Both men

Most bounty hunters set their own hours and enjoy the freedom that comes with being their own boss.

How To Become A Bounty Hunter: A Dangerous Yet Rewarding Profession

The Bounty Hunter. This title can conjure up many images in a person’s mind. From reality television incarnations like Dog,

Online fraud is at its biggest during the holiday season.

How To Avoid Holiday Scams: Not Everyone Is On The Nice List

Tis the season to be…scammed? Unfortunately, this is indeed the case for a significant number of people during the holiday

men doing yoga may not be something you are used to hearing, but its great for stress, your health and your overall fitness.

Yoga For Men: Why This Female-Centric Activity Is Best For You

It is common thinking that most men hit the gym and pump some iron while women grab their mats and

If you want to train like a Spartan, you are going to have to dig deep and put through the tough times that lay ahead of you.

How To Train Like A Spartan: Get Ready To Form A Phalanx

The Spartans were legendary warriors. Their name alone creates images within one’s mind of a brutal, never-give-up soldier that was

A simple day hike turns into you being lost in the woods, now what?

What To Do When Lost In The Woods: Breadcrumbs Can’t Save You

The wilderness is a great place to reflect on the hecticness of life, run on its numerous trails, and camp

Its late at night, you're being followed, what should you do to get home safely?

How To Tell If You’re Being Followed: Time To Lose Your Tail

There’s always a lot of activity around you when you drive. Cars swerve in and out of traffic, expressways are

Having the right ghost hunting gear is essential to a great paranormal investigation.

The Ultimate Ghost Hunting Gear Guide: How To Hunt Casper And Crew

Are you interested in the unknown? Do the bumps in the night fascinate you rather than spook you, and do