Using your observational skills, you, too, can focus on the smaller details of life and be a real-life Sherlock Holmes.

Deduce Like Sherlock: Put Your Observational Skills To Work

The perplexing problems and situations encountered throughout an average day are much clearer to solve than a person may think.

Abandoned them parks are great destinations for urban explorers.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Urban Exploring: How To Not Get Arrested

Covertly entering areas no longer open to the public, exploring structures and interiors of long abandoned properties, and the excitement

Martial arts should be a confidence builder, not a money draining experience.

Avoiding The Martial Arts Scams: How To Steer Clear Of Shady Schools

No doubt learning a martial art offers a plethora of benefits. From getting a killer workout to learning self-discipline to

Toys like Transformers and various Japanese cartoon series figures are steadily increasing in value.

Those Vintage Action Figures Could Be Worth A Fortune

For decades, toys like transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and even Barbie have entertained young ones for hours as they recreated

A tomahawk can be a very deadly weapon in the right persons hand.

Hatchet Vs Tomahawk: Which Handheld Chopper Reigns Supreme?

To many people, a hatchet and a tomahawk are simply small axes, without noticeably different characteristics from their bigger brothers. But

Summertime fun at the beach can be a great time for the whole family.

Summertime Activities: Beware The Dangers Behind The Fun

Some people say that summertime is the best time of the year, and who am I to argue? The weather

Having a proper buyout bag for your family's need is an essential part of your survival strategy.

Not The Status Quo: A Bugout Bag For Your Real World Needs

Type in Bugout Bag into a search engine and what do you find? Probably list after list of the key

A new trend in overnight stays, capsule hotels are a wallet friendly option.

Capsule Hotels: Confined sleeping quarters offer big savings

Have you ever walked into your hotel room only to say, “It’s a bit on the small side.”? Well, if

Darth Vader is an imposing figure on the dark side.

Reality Shift: Exploring The Mandela Effect Throughout Pop Culture

Although you may not know it, the Mandela Effect may have crept into your psyche and influenced how you think

The dark web exists, and it's no place for everyday people.

Be Afraid Of The Dark Web: The Mysterious Sub-Basement Of The Internet

Like there are bad neighborhoods around town that one should avoid in real-life, the same thinking should be applied to the internet. Because buried deep below the various