Learn how you can defend yourself with just a stick toady on skillsetmag, and your attacker will never know what hit them.

Skillset Fight Club: How To Defend Yourself With Just A Stick

Weapons come in all shapes and sizes. From the finality of a firearm to the concealability of a razor-sharp knife

Are nunchucks a viable self defense weapon in this modern day and age?

Skillset Fight Club: Nunchucks: Self-Defense Weapon Or 80s Fad?

Ah, the Eighties. It was a time of big hair, Doloreans driving on the streets, and ninja movies exploding onto

The one finger self defense technique is a tool everyone should have in their toolbox.

Skillset Fight Club: The One Finger Defense To Stop All Attackers

Nearly everyone, at some point in their lives, has imagined themselves as a real-life action star, effortlessly taking on goon

The backbone of Wazoo Gear, both in serious mode and having fun as they do every day.

Be Your Own Boss: The Survivalist Mentally Behind Wazoo Gear

2012 was an interesting year. Some followers of long-predicted prophecies believed the world was ending due to the Mayan calendar

Valentines Day is celebrated around the world, and nearly a thought goes into who St Valentine really was.

Weird History: Who Was Saint Valentine & What Is Valentine’s Day?

February 14th. It’s a day that most women cherish as a time when tasty chocolates, roses, and love comes their

Hippos are thriving in South America thanks to one of the worlds most notorious drug lords.

Weird History: Hippos Are In South America Because Of Pablo Escobar

Colombia has many interesting things. From world-famous coffee beans to the most sparkling emeralds on the planet to, unfortunately, the

Bootlegging illegal moonshine came a very lucrative business for organized crime across the country.

Weird History: The Government Poisoned Booze During Prohibition

Who would ever suspect that the US government was responsible for all the poisoned booze? It was just shy of

Hitler loved the supernatural, and out of this came the Werewolves!

Hitler’s Werewolves: The Twisted Folklore Of Nazi Germany

Hitler loved the supernatural, and out of this came the Werewolves! During 1945, the Germans became desperate as the end

A boys night out on the town can turn bad quickly if you find yourself fighting off multiple attackers.

How To Fight Multiple Attackers: Look Who Brought Friends

Life isn’t fair, sorry to say. This holds especially true when you fight multiple attackers. Although it would be the

Living too be 100 years old these days can be achieved if you are willing to follow simple routines and follow healthy habits.

How To Live To 100: 7 Tips To Become A Centenarian

Human life spans have gained a lot of ground over the last hundreds and even thousands of years. Both men