Learn how to season a cast iron pan and kiss that non stick skillet goodbye.

How To Season A Cast Iron Pan: Dishwashers Are A No-No

Take your non-stick coated and throw it out. Learning how to season a cast iron pan isn’t difficult and doesn’t

Finding yourself without a can opener in a survival situation can be a problem if you dint have the skills or knowledge to access the food inside.

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Canned foods have been around since the early 19th century. Protected from air and light, a properly sealed can will

Do you know how to keep your food from spoiling during a power outage?

How To Keep Food Cold Without A Fridge: Don’t Lose Your Cool

I started writing this article on the topic of how to keep food cold without a fridge in the middle

The best gifts for the men in your life can be found under your Christmas tree this year if you take advice from this article.

Holiday Gift Guide For Men: For The Man Who Has Everything

Our heartbeat elevates, your skin gets clammy with sweat, you start running “what if” scenarios and your hand twitches as

Winter is coming, having a vehicle survival kit in your car is essential for emergency situations.

Winter Vehicle Survival Kit: Beat The Cold With This Important Gear

Winter is coming. That’s the mentality you should always have in the back of your mind most of the year

It may seem like everyone is talking about eating bugs these days, and you would be right to ask why.

Why Do People Eat Bugs? 5 Ways Insects Could Save Your Life

Imagine eating a water-borne bug that feeds on dead animals scavenging in the dark, and grabbing at objects with pincers.

Here’s what you need to know to build a shelter outdoors.

How To Build A Shelter In The Woods: Surviving The Elements

You find yourself in a situation where an emergency bivouac is in order. We aren’t going to tell you what

Know how to preserve meats in the outdoors for long term survival.
  • Food
  • September 28, 2022

How To Preserve Meat Outdoors: A Long-Term Survival Solution

When you’re left to live off the land in a hungry survival scenario, you can imagine the tidal wave of

Co pletley smoother your campfire before leaving it unattended.

Do You Know Your Campfire Safety? Smokey Bear Is Watching You

​What is it about fire that lures us to it? As a kid, you probably were like me, and anytime

Knowing how to apply a tourniquet correctly can save your life.

How To Apply A Tourniquet Correctly: Because Death Is Not An Option

Tourniquets save lives. Disregard what you read or learned in the 90s from that community first-aid course as the global