A vehicle EDC kit contains things, like road flares, flashlights, and yes even a winch to aid in getting the vehicle unstuck.

Vehicle EDC And Recovery Gear: The Top Five Tools For Travel

Vehicle EDC and recovery gear. is a vast subject. It is dependent on the capabilities of the vehicle as well

Knowing how to haggle over the price can save you lots of money.

Learn How To Haggle And Negotiate: Mastering The Art Of The Deal

It’s all about the art of the deal. Whether you call it haggling, bartering, or negotiating, it truly is an

Do you ever find yourself staring off into space, wondering what five weird jobs actually pay well are? Yeah, us neither.

The Top Five Weird Jobs That Actually Pay

The TV flickers in the living room as the sound of popcorn popping comes from the kitchen. Pots and pans

Spartan races can be extremely tough and challengenging for the average person.

AROO! Competing In Your First Spartan Race

“The day may come when the courage of Sparta fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of

Clouds can be a great indicator of incoming weather systems.

How To Predict The Weather Without A Forecast

​The ice ax plunged deep into the face of the cliff as the climber scrambled for purchase. His crampons were

knowing how to treat a burn is a very important skill.

How To Treat A Burn: Basic First Aid Treatments

The mule deer were really active this morning, and we were able to tag out early. Now we have time

Larysa Switlyk is at the top of the mountain when it comes to big game hunting.

LARYSA UNLEASHED: The Tale Of An American Huntress

Larysa Switlyk had just completed her CPA exam and was taking a break before law school when she discovered her

A suspect's jailhouse tattoos can tell a very interesting story!

Inside Look At Jailhouse Tattoos: Slingin’ Ink In The Clink

The needle pierces the skin, scratching out a design that begins to take shape. The felon’s skilled hands deftly wield

Real adventurers like the Goonies search for treasure!

Goonies Never Say Die: The Hunt For Sunken Treasure

The waves crest and crash against the Spanish treasure fleet off the coast of Cartagena, Columbia. It is 1708, during

Real life stories of people who cheated death!

I Shouldn’t Be Alive: True Tales of Extreme Survival

As humans, we all eventually die. Luckily, most of us go our whole lives without ever facing true danger—only to meet