Don't be discouraged if you fail!

8 Quick Tips For Turning Your Failure Into Success

Failing isn’t the end although many believe that it is. Life is hard, but it is only harder if you

You're stronger than you think, and having the right mindset is key.

What To Do When No One Is Coming To Save You

As an adult it is not—nor has it ever been—someone else’s responsibility to keep you safe. The safety of yourself

How to cut a cigar properly!

How to Cut a Cigar Properly for Optimal Enjoyment

For a select few, there’s nothing quite like the relaxation found in firing up a quality stogie, either by yourself

Red Dawn - Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Has A Cost: Are You Willing To Pay The Price?

Freedom (n)(free•dom)(ˈfrē-dəm): 1) the quality or state of being free such as: a) the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint

Strong, confident fighter.

Stand For Something You Believe In, Or You’ll Fall For Anything

Ask yourself this question…do you stand for something in life? As a society, when things are outside our realm of

Are you prepared to be an asset in a fight, or a liability?

Ask Yourself This Important Question: Are You An Asset Or A Liability?

How easy is it to make assumptions about your personal abilities? In an era where technology dominates, it’s all too

In life, you have to adapt or die.

Adapt or Die: How to Avoid Complacency on the Road to Self Fulfillment

The world does not care about you. It does not care about your weaknesses, dreams, excuses or fears. It will

Trusting the Government, coronavirus, They Live

Trusting the Government: Navigating the Gray Line During COVID-19

While you socially distance this Easter and try to figure out Zoom with your relatives, you might not want to

Food Shortage Coronavirus, Food Shortage COVID-19

Food Shortage: What Happens If the Food Stops During COVID-19?

In light of recent events—specifically the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak—we all as a nation need to take a hard look at