The Vikings took their funerals seriously and were somewhat afraid of death.

Weird History: Viking Funerals Were Epic

Vikings have a particular reputation attached to them. Usually, that reputation is filled with violent acts, pillaging, and an overall

A homicide crime scene investigator will be exposed to all sorts of atrocities throughout their career.

No Shit There I Was: A Dismembered Body Triple Crime Scene

This particular scene would be one of the most gruesome crime scenes I had ever investigated and processed. It also

the Perfect Storm hurricane hit the East Coast in 1991, this is my story of survival and preparedness.

No Shit There I Was: I Lived Through “The Perfect Storm”

If you have ever been in a hurricane, you know it can be highly unpredictable. It can also be scary,

Lots of wild things can take place on a grim,e scene, but meeting your soulmate?

No Shit There I Was: How I Met My Husband On A Crime Scene

It was the weekend, the sun was setting, the weather was clear, and I was at a homicide scene. Let

Having a bear encounter of your very own can be a very scary encounter and one you won't soon forget.

No Shit There I Was: My Real Life Bear Encounter

For those of us who are wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts, we usually know the patterns and behaviors of wild animals.