You can find some pretty crazy items online to purchase!

When Cyber Monday Starts Getting Creepy: Amazon For The Win

When supply chains are holding Christmas presents hostage, know there’s one place you can go to find super unique (and slightly creepy) items this holiday season! Here’s a short list that caught our eye from Amazon:

Uranium Ore $39.95

1500 Live Ladybugs – Good Bugs – Ladybugs – Guaranteed Live Delivery! $15.50

Real Human Finger Bones $15

Bacon Scented Mustache $8

Your baby can learn to crawl and clean the floor at the same time!
(Photo by Courtesy Of Manufacturer)

Baby Mop $29.95

Roast Beef Bath Soak $15.95

Human Body Fat Replica, 1 lb.  $29.75

Gift of Nothing – Sold out

The boyfriend pillow is a must have this holiday season!!
(Photo by Courtesy Of Manufacturer)

The Original Boyfriend Body Pillow  $27.39

Passion Lubes, Natural Water-Based Lubricant, 55 Gallon Drum $703.04

UFO Detector $87.66

Canned Unicorn Meat Lunch Spread $8.99

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