There are many ways to make a man cave super cool!
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Lockdowns Are Lame Unless You Have These 7 Man Cave ‘Must-Haves’

The brisket is smoking, the beverages ice cold, buddies on the way and kickoff approaches. A man cave offers an oasis for many American males—whether catching a game, gambling, sharing a drink or just hanging out. 

Batman, fittingly, has the Batcave and Superman has the Fortress of Solitude. Even Luke Skywalker and Yoda hung out on Dagobah. It seems only fitting that guys have their own hangouts like these titans of manliness. 

There are many options when it comes to making that testosterone-fueled man cave perfect. Here are a few to consider … 

1. Table Talk

Whether shipping poker chips or chalking up a cue stick, a game table enhances any man cave. This essential piece of furniture can be the centerpiece of your bro HQ. Gambling can be a part of any night with friends, and this choice makes that possible. 

Grab the chip set and cards to separate those poker-playing friends from their hard-earned cash. Even a lower-cost option can fit the bill, like this table featuring LED lights, as you live out those ESPN final-table dreams. 

If pool is more your game, hustle the homeboys with some sweet combo shots on that stylish billiards table. A couple nice alternatives include a foosball or ping pong table —or maybe even a dart board. 

You can also go full Gretzky hat trick with a classic bubble hockey game. A vintage pinball machine makes for quite the conversation piece as well (looking at you Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter). Whatever the choice, make sure to crush the competition.

2. Pixel Power

No man cave would be complete without a boob tube to check out that next big game. Maybe you have a couple C-notes riding on that next Steelers touchdown. Or another point might finally bring that fantasy football team out of last place. 

A great TV, like this Samsung Ultra HD setup, is crucial for every man cave. When it comes to checking out the action on television, go big or go home.

3. Fridge Fantastic 

Chilling out obviously necessitates a refrigerator. Whether going the mini-fridge route or with twin sub-Zs, beer needs its own mini man cave within a man cave. 

Adding some mustard, ketchup and other condiments makes you an even better host. Some owners go the extra mile for the perfect formula: fridge + keg = kegerator. Yes, please.

4. Video Vibes

NFL Sunday may be over, but the touchdowns and trash talk don’t have to stop. Grab the controller and coach your Madden NFL team to a title, whether on Xbox or PlayStation.

Some video game action sets the mood perfectly when hanging with friends. As noted in No. 2 above, however, don’t skimp on the TV selection. 

Even better? Spring for a full-sized vintage arcade game. Channel your own Billy Mitchell as you battle for that perfect game of Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. No quarters needed.

5. Wonder Walls

Even cavemen decorated their caves, right? Man-cavers can always celebrate man’s best friend and their love of gambling with a “Dogs Playing Poker” painting. 

Or how about keeping it simple with some art celebrating your favorite teams. Sports memorabilia always sets a manly mood. Maybe channel those college frat days with a neon beer sign. Even The Office’s Michael Scott held a soft spot for St. Pauli Girl.

Those looking to go in a different direction may want to rock out with some collectible guitars or classic vinyl albums. A gold record or two on the wall adds some real cachet. Here’s a nice example of Guns ‘N’ Roses “Appetite for Destruction” for $845. 

A little out of your price range? A Rick Astley gold LP can be found online for a couple hundred bucks. He’s never gonna give you up or let you down.

6. Smoke ’Em If You Got ’Em

Pair that perfectly mixed drink with a nice stogie. A top-notch humidor will keep those cigars in perfect shape. The night may call for breaking out a $90 Cohiba Spectre or a more budget-friendly Davidoff Winston Churchill ($20-$30). 

In either case, a humidor keeps that tobacco fresh and properly humidified. A cool case is a must for you and those cigar-puffing pals.

7. Vintage Liquor Cabinet

This is a bit outside the box, but cocktail drinkers may want to take note. Mid-century liquor cabinets have become hot commodities and ooze style. 

Collectors (and drinkers) around the country are adding some retro cool to their imbibing pleasure. Prices range from $500 to $7,000 for classic 1950s and 1960s liquor cabinets that will have you feeling like Don Draper. 

Turn that mixology up a notch with one of these pieces of furniture. A vintage liquor cabinet certainly shakes things up.

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