Being in a bad mood can sometimes lead to more long term depression.
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5 Ways To Overcome A Bad Mood: Focusing On Positive Mindset

Look, I know from experience what it’s like to be in a negative mindset, or a bad mood. The last few years have had that impact on almost all of the people on this planet. What are the best, healthiest ways to lighten the heaviness of that dark and menacing mood? In this article are some suggestions, they are not the end all be all answers, however I know they will work. I will also add what not to do, because I know for sure what not to do, when it comes to beating a negative dark funk.

1. Walk Away From That Bad Mood

The beautiful part about going for a nice long walk, is your ability to do so many positive mind clearing things at the same time. Talk your problems out loud. Be sure to wear headphones otherwise people think you’re a lunatic. Listen to healthy positive music. Listen to a good book. Weather shouldn’t stop you, sometimes walking in the rain helps more than a sunny day.

A hard workout can crush any bad mood.
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 2. Have A Demanding Physical Workout Session

Get off your butt! If you are seeing a theme here, it’s because you need to accomplish some type of physical  workout . This should really be number 1, however I am very aware that if fitness is not already a top priority, then walking is the safest and best bet for everyone. 

I’m serious as all get out, working out has a ton of positive science reasons.. You can Google that shit on your own, perhaps while you’re going on a walk? Hint, hint. I just know it’s extremely rare to do a workout regardless of what level of intensity the workout is and feel worse.

Working out is not just strength training, aka pumping iron, you also have bike riding, or swimming. This is hands down the best cardio there is, as well as easiest on the joints by far.

Skipping rope is another fantastic way to get some exercise and dopamine drops. Double Dutch is an option, however if the last time you attempted this, you busted your butt, I highly suggest you work your way back into it.

3. Reading Is Fundamental To Beat A Bad Mood

Read a book that can get your creative juices flowing. For me it’s any Jack Carr novel, without a doubt. I suggest you start with The Terminal List and just read the whole series, you can thank me later.

4. TV Can Be Inspirational

Watch a movie that inspires or makes you laugh. This is not about binge watching 3 seasons of the latest garbage streaming on one of the many streaming services available. I suggest you find a documentary about the outdoors, or puppies, it works every time!

Now I know from personal experience that we all have movies that directly bring us back to a negative or dark place. We enjoy these movies and that’s why we watch them over and over again, these are the movies not I say again capital letters NOT to watch. This may also go for romantic movies or basically any movie that triggers you back into or keeps you into a dark negative funk of a place.

Dogs are my favorite go to for beating a bad mood.
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5. Reach Out

This one is important, send a message ( Text, FaceTime, Marco Polo a freaking carrier pigeon) to someone you care about and tell them how you feel about them.

Now this one is a good one, in truth it may be the only one I really care you take away from reading this article. The idea is not to send out a message with the expectation of getting a message back, though you would be surprised to know that when you send a message saying example I love you, I think you’re awesome, congratulations on you success at doing X,Y,Z, that you will get back positive reinforcement and positive comments about you as a human being. I must stress here though, do not send them with the expectation that you were going to feed off of positive reinforcement, because you may be sending this message to someone who is incapable of saying positive things back. The idea is to make someone’s day better and feel better about doing that awesome thing. 

What not to do!

Don’t drink excessively, trust me on this one.

Don’t do harmful drugs, Opioids, or any “ feel good, escape my pain” medication

Please don’t make a booty call. Reaching out to someone who may be mentally unhealthy for you only makes things worse.

Don’t listen to music or watch movies that turn you into a sad miserable human being.

When it comes to getting out of a funk, or whatever you want to call it when a dark cloud is surrounding your brain. It’s very important that you do not do things that will only make that dark cloud bigger and heavier. Alcohol or drugs regardless of what kind, will not aid you in finding constructive and healthy ways of getting out of that funk. The suggestions in this article are just that, suggestions. I cannot recommend enough that you find as many positive tools to use when the dark times come. Please remember how far you have made it, survived all the days you’ve been alive so far. That is an incredible track record,  let’s find ways to make the remainder of your days brighter, better and happier.

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