Unfiltered, unbiased review of a blade from Dawson Knives.

4 Unbiased, Unpaid Reviews of the Dawson Knives Huntsman Knife

Citizen 1 – The Cop

HITS In my humble opinion, the Dawson Huntsman knife is one of the best 4” fixed-blade knives on the market.  As soon as I unsheathed the knife I could tell the quality was exceptional. The knife is extremely well-balanced and fits my hand perfectly. The tang is a solid piece of steel from the blade all the way to the butt of handle, which means this knife will be in the family for many generations to come. As any knuckle-dragger would do, I immediately began cutting everything in sight. My wife wasn’t too happy, but the good news is I haven’t found anything this blade won’t cut through.

Of course, due to the quality of metal used and a proprietary heat-treating process, the edged of the blade has retained its sharpness throughout its use. As if this blade wasn’t badass enough, the knife comes in an awesome Kydex sheath with the ability to be mounted on any belt in an upright or cross draw position. The blade is also painted with Cerakote, mine in Kryptek, to make it resistant to corrosion. You can tell the makers of this tool care about their product because the knife comes with a page of instructions on care and maintenance. This beautiful piece of craftsmanship is also backed by a lifetime warranty and made right here in the good old U.S. of A. Honestly, I didn’t expect any less from a company that’s been making knives since 1973. I would recommend this knife for anyone’s personal use. 

MISSES I’ve got nothing. The quality, durability and craftsmanship are all there. No complaints from this guy. 

RATING 10/10 Stars


SKILLSET Former Army Scout Sniper, Private Contractor (DDM), Contributing Writer (Tactical), Product Design (Tactical Gear), Sniper Instructor, and currently a Deputy in Law Enforcement. 

Huntsman knife from Dawson Knives displayed on copper background.

Citizen 2 – The Student

HITS Straight out of the box this knife looked and felt amazing.  The first thing I noticed was the all-weather Kydex sheath with a very sturdy look and feel.  The Micarta handle fit my hand perfectly and felt amazing to hold.  It appears Dawson Knives has perfected the handle design with years of experience.  Thumb and finger rests on the blade made for very secure handling on even the toughest of jobs. To test the performance, I put this knife through the paces with some real-world tests. 

 I spent some time cutting through a deer pelt to simulate what I would be using the knife for during hunting season.  I then roughed up the knife as much as I could by whittling some tent stakes out of some hardwood branches.  Both tests were very successful.  The knife was well balanced and felt very sturdy in my hand.  The blade had no issues handling the tasks.  After I worked it over a bit, I wanted to test how well the blade held its edge.  For that, I performed the good ol’ cut through paper and shave hair off the arm tests.  The Huntsman easily sliced through the majority of an 8.5×11 inch piece of paper and successfully shaved a sizeable bald spot into my arm.  

Overall, I really like this knife, it was strong, well made, nicely balanced, and quite sharp. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for a great quality fixed blade hunting knife.

MISSES The Huntsman came with a belt/backpack attachment on the sheath that was a bit too bulky for my taste but most certainly useful.  

RATING 9/10 Stars

NAME John S.

SKILLSET Hunting, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Dirt Biking, Athlete, Student

Citizen 3 – The Fighter

HITS Everything about the structure of this knife is perfect. From the extremely thick full tang to the seamless smooth canvas Micarta handle, this thing took some extra time and attention to detail. The weight, balance, size and overall handfeel is perfect for that one knife that you can use for everything. I punished this knife everyday for almost 2 weeks and can still shave with it as well. I also like the adjustable locking belt clip that allowed me to change the angle and position of carry. If I’m headed out with a minimum of tools, this knife is coming along.

MISSES The scabbard is Kryptek, which I’m not a big fan of. If I did like it, the heat from forming the scabbard distorted the pattern. But that’s just aesthetic, so I only docked half a point.

RATING 9.5/10 Stars


SKILLSET 23 Year Professional Jibber Socker, Guru Of All Things Manshit

Citizen 4 – The Ferrier

HITS From the moment I received my Dawson Knife in the mail, I could tell it is a quality product. From the packaging and the sheath to the knife itself, it was a beautiful piece of hardware. The sheath is sturdy and versatile. It can be worn vertically or you can move two screws and rig it parallel to your belt with ease. The knife itself (The Dawson Hunter) is a great size for everyday carry. It holds an awesome edge and is built like a brick shithouse.

At my job I’m hard on my tools and constantly in adverse weather, but this knife is the type of tool I can use everyday and still hand down to my son someday. I have also received many compliments on what a great looking knife it is. In fact several of my family members have offered to take it off my hands. Dawson makes a great product. 

MISSES I see no misses with this product. Great quality. 

RATING 10/10 stars

NAME Ben S. 

SKILLSET Ex Firefighter, Close Quarter Combat/ Self Defense Instructor, Boxing Coach, Bartender, NRA Firearms Instructor, Ferrier

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