Review of Garrison Brothers Bourbon

4 Unbiased Reviews of Garrison Brothers Distillery Texas Straight Bourbon

Skillset asks four readers from totally different walks of life to review a bottle of bourbon from Garrison Brothers Distillery! Long story short…. it was well received!

Citizen 1


Citizen 1, the BAMF, reviews Garrison Brothers Distillery bourbon.

HITS: My first impression of the bottle was “Wow!” — the Garrison Brothers really put some attention into their bottle presentation. The black wax seal and leather pull-tab is a very classy look, and the classic oak bourbon smell was there when I opened the bottle. I was surprised at how smooth the bourbon was straight, although the first drink still delivered the warm sensation I expected. In simple terms, this bourbon is the BOMB. I don’t think I have ever had smoother bourbon in my life, and I would be proud to pull out a bottle of Garrison Brothers for my buddies to enjoy. I am definitely a fan, and I will be purchasing some more in the future. 

MISSES: The biggest miss is that I have to explain to people that bourbon doesn’t have to be made in Kentucky. The only other miss I could possibly think of is the price. However, whatever the guys at Garrison Brothers are doing to make this is worth the money. 

STARS: 9.8 out of 10 (Nobody is perfect.)

NAME: Billy C.

SKILLSET: Liberator of the Oppressed, Military Freefall Instructor, Gunsmith, Medic, Former Special Forces Green Beret

SOCIAL MEDIA: Super-Secret Squirrel (I can’t tell you.)  

Citizen 2

The Bartender

Citizenships 2, the bartender, reviews the bourbon!

HITS: The Garrison Brothers have designed a beautiful bottle with a thick wax top and a leather strap to open it. I knew it was going to be good just by looking at it, not to mention being aged in oak barrels and made with rainwater, organic corn and wheat. So, I cleared my afternoon and sat back to enjoy the ride. The bottle tag suggested letting it aerate a bit before drinking, like a fine wine. I immediately noticed the light floral nose with hints of sweet vanilla. The color is a fiery amber. I poured a couple ounces into a Glencairn glass and anxiously waited for my first sip. It was smooth, with a complex flavor profile. This bourbon is a warm, easy sipper. I recommend it straight up or on a large whiskey rock. 

MISSES: I’ll go broke buying more. 

STARS: 10 out of 10

NAME: Kristen S.

SKILLSET: Bartender Extraordinaire, Outdoor Enthusiast, Gunslinger, Whiskey Drinker, Audio Engineer, Wife and Mother

SOCIAL MEDIA: @kristengracemonkeyface

Citizen 3

The Ball Player

Citizen 3, the baseball player, reviews GB Bourbon.

HITS: Ever drink a bourbon that tasted like you were drinking right from a gasoline pump? This is far from that kind of bourbon. I have tried $10 bottles up to $800 bottles of bourbon, and this stacks up with the best. It is really smooth bourbon with a different, but easy taste. I drink it on ice or neat, and it’s pretty damn good. I will be buying more of this God’s blood. 

MISSES: The only miss for me was the price when I saw it before I drank it. But now that I have tried it, I have decided that it is worth every dime.

STARS: 9 out of 10

NAME: Dustin G.

SKILLSET: Professional Ball Player, Gun and Shooting Enthusiast 

Citizen 4

The Rock Climber

Citizen 4, the rock climber, reviews Garrison Brothers Bourbon.

HITS: At first glance, I thought this was just another fancied-up bottle of hooch. When the first sip hit the back of my throat, though, I realized it was something completely different. It is almost as if it told a story as I drank it. This bourbon is somehow smooth, but with an aggressive bite at the same time. Although I am sometimes selfish with the quality stuff, this is bourbon you share with a good friend (and maybe a couple cigars).

MISSES: The bottle goes empty too fast!

STARS: 10 out of 10

NAME: Joe B.

SKILLSET: Triathlete, Cigar Aficionado, Climber

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