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How to Plan a Family Road Trip: Without Wanting to Drive Off a Cliff

As a kid, family road trips were what I looked forward to the most every summer. Please keep in mind


Sig Sauer Freedom Days Event : A Wonderful Weekend Of Pew-Pews

What could possibly be better than a weekend full of shooting some of the industry’s most innovative and award winning

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  • May 12, 2022
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8 Reasons Why George Washington Was Impossible to Kill

You can’t keep a good man down. When it comes to George Washington, even his most famous adversary, King George


Know Your Poisonous Berries: How to Identify Nature’s Cyanide Capsules

There is a romantic idea floating around about living off the land eating nuts and berries. The same folks who


Why Swimming Is One of the Best Workouts Anyone Can Do

Summer is coming, and along with that, the summer heat. Pools are opening back up, and if you are not


How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby: Win Or Lose, Gambling Is Fun!

Not only is betting on the race fun, but it’s easier than ever. You don’t have to head down to

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From the gas pump to the grocery store, Americans are feeling the pain caused by inflation. Whether caused by federal


It’s 2:45 pm on Wednesday.  You’re at your local mall inside Victoria’s Secret watching your smoking hot girlfriend try on


Have Proper Gym Attire For Weightlifting Strength training has many benefits aside from just aesthetics. It can help improve and


Have you ever walked into your hotel room only to say, “It’s a bit on the small side.”? Well, if


Good for you. You’ve decided to explore the great outdoors by hiking in a remote location. You’ve got a smart