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Old School grandfather

Kids Today Don’t Know Real Music: Back In My Day…

Ever wonder why your generation’s music is so good and your kid’s music just plain sucks? Well, as much as


Ed’s Manifesto: The Story Of Romulus And Remus

I am in a poor and forgotten neighborhood in eastern Tijuana. I negotiate my way through a small walkway littered


A-Team Quiz: I Pity The Fool That Fails This Test

“In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.


Scamdemic Spending: Invest Today For The Plandemic Of Tomorrow

March 15, 2020, changed the lives of a lot of Americans, and sadly, it was for the worse. In case


How To Fight Back And Survive Your First Alien Abduction

Remember when you were a kid and the best possible thing would be to come face to face with an


LARYSA UNLEASHED: The Tale Of An American Huntress

Larysa Switlyk had just completed her CPA exam and was taking a break before law school when she discovered her

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Malinois dog studio portrait

Dogs, man’s best friends. What better companion than a toy poodle or perhaps a Yorkie for a stroll through the


Nowadays, there are more than enough serial killer TV shows, documentaries and books to go around to curb even the

Silhouette of the meditaion man on the mountain

Some of us who are new to the idea that aliens are something real and tangible and those who simply

World War I, American marines in The Battle of Belleau Wood, France, 1918

The American Expeditionary Forces of World War I can claim countless heroes among their ranks, from the Lost Battalion to

Alien and Astronaut UFO Spaceship Landing

Ever wonder what the difference is between a close encounter of the first kind versus a fourth kind? Most of